Friday, August 14, 2009

S&W Wins Silver ENnie

Swords & Wizardry won a Silver ENnie Award for Best Free Product at GenCon tonight. If nothing else, it shows that retro-clones are starting to get some recognition outside the old school renaissance. I can't deny that I'd have much rather seen S&W walk away with the gold award, but second place is nothing to sneer at and Matt Finch deserves a round of applause for having produced a game that's received a lot of positive attention in the hobby. Bravo!


  1. I am thrilled with this. Silver is nothing to sneeze at and Finch & CO deserve a round or two for the effort. Perhaps this is what is needed to get the classic style back into the more broad gaming public!

  2. I have seen the results, and folks seem to favor the big publishers. With how the old school community was campaigning for S&W success, I'm surprised Finch did not get gold!

    He really deserved that silver! =D

  3. Great job for all those involved, esp. Matt!

  4. Brilliant news -- congrats to Matt!


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