Saturday, May 19, 2012

In Less Controversial News ...

... the Awesome Dice Blog has a post up about the History of Dice, from about 3000 BC to the present, complete with an illustrative graphic.


  1. You have been nominated for a Kreativ
    Blogger Award!

  2. Imagine that: Egyptians play craps in the tomb during breaktime

  3. So the evolution of dice was just a case of power creep?

    Egyptians: "So, the Sumerians played with d4s? We can do better! Bring on the d12!"

    Romans: "We're Nr. 1! D20 it is!"

  4. The timeline appears incomplete... I noticed immediately there  to be no dice from about 100 AD to 1000 AD. No wonder it was the dark ages, there's no evidence anyone was gaming!

  5.  that is just crazy enough to make sense.

  6. Especially if you consider that our grand modern culture came up with actual d100s...


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