Tuesday, September 9, 2008

General Updates

A few small things:
  • I've been distracted by other events recently, so I'm behind on a couple of things, including replies to some comments. They are forthcoming when time permits.
  • I'm still waffling over the winner to Grognard's Challenge #4, so I may wait until tomorrow to announce him or her.
  • I have not yet sent out the prizes for the winners of Challenges #2 and #3. My apologies for that. I'll send them out before the end of the week, along with the prize for #4, once I decide who it is that has won.
  • I've added a little PayPal donation button on the right hand side of the blog. Truth be told, writing this blog costs me nothing but my time, which is (theoretically) free, so no one should feel as if they're freeloading by not giving me piles of cash for my efforts. I'm frankly a little uncomfortable with putting the button there at all, but I did it partially to satisfy my curiosity about a couple of things. No one should feel guilty about not donating (or not being able to donate), so please bear that in mind. I write this blog out of love, not a quest for money.
More soon (I hope).

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