Friday, September 19, 2008

Now That's a Wizard

Ah, Boredflak, my old friend. How I have missed you and your Foster Grants. They sure don't make 'em like you anymore.


  1. FF..That was a great comic....I really enjoyed it back in the day

  2. Good comic for sure... I was a HUGE Wormy fan though. I thought everything afterwards was a pale reflection. Although I'll have to say KotD is a pretty danged funny strip.

  3. Wormy was the best comic ever published in Dragon. Nothing else has ever come close, but then Tramp was a rare individual who not only could draw well but tell a story well -- and a rather complex, if off-beat, story it was! It's a pity the man never got the respect he so richly deserved. The hobby is worse for his having left it.

  4. I will register myself as a heretic and come out to say that while Wormy might have been the best comic published in The Dragon, Finieous is my absolute favourite, in part because I can easily envision myself and my group playing in a campaign like this at the age of, say, 12 or 14.

    So what if the art is amateur? That's the point! Dragon should have stayed an amateur magazine, and D&D should have stayed a mostly amateur game.


  5. I'd hate to have to choose between FF and Wormy, because they're very different comics and each has something to recommend them. I do favor Wormy overall, but that's because I simply love Tramp's art, whereas I found Webster's art style more hit or miss.

    Still, they're both great comics.