Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Old School Dice

I want to get my hands on some old school dice. By "old school," I do not mean the dice Moldvay/Mentzer era color-it-with-a-crayon dice. Those aren't old school; old school predates the D10, folks. What I want are either those low-impact plastic, pre-inked dice that I was supposed to get in my Holmes edition (I got one of the sets with chits and a coupon for dice) or the Gamescience/The Armory dice from the same era.

So, where can I get such artifacts of the elder days?


  1. I got mine from Noble Knight Games. Check their website.

    The ones I got were on ebay though, and I think I paid too much for them. But I really don't care. There's something about the look on people's faces when I pull them out at a convention...

    Now I just need the percent dice.

  2. Okay, I've just been to their website and I don't know how to look these dice up -- I don't know who made them.

    Check out this auction on ebay: No. 180286922141. This gives you most of a set; you're only missing the red d6.

    If all else fails, I have 5 sets, one of which it still in the plastic bag; I'm sure I could part with it without too great a sense of personal loss. Let me know.

  3. Just keep in mind that they are called "low impact" for a reason :). I've seen a few shatter on contact with table surfaces after long use. Very dramatic, and good for a few laughs.

    I'm kind of surprised you'd want them. Dice crafting is one of the few areas where undeniable progress has been made over the past several decades. Those early dice were pure crap. The new stuff (Q-Workshop and Chessex are my personal favorites) is both very durable and comes in nifty colors/designs..

  4. Those early dice were pure crap.

    That might be true of those soft plastic early dice, but is certainly not true of the Gamescience dice. Gamescience dice are my dice of choice (except for d6s -- I like pips rather than Arabic numerals).

  5. Well, what I want are dice from the late 1970s. I'll happily accept Gamescience dice, for example, provided they're old school -- no D10s.

  6. Here you go:


    Dave :)

  7. I have gotten Gamescience Dice from the Gamestation before with good results. Nice folks!


  8. Dave, yeah, that's the one. I got the five sets just like the one pictured, but I couldn't find that yesterday when I looked.

  9. You can call Lou Zocchi up directly at 228-392-4177 to order from him, but he doesn't take credit cards so you'd need to write him a check and pop it in the mail.

    I have no idea if he has any classic-era Gamescience dice available or not, though.