Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FYI: Backlog

My apologies to any and all to whose email or comments I haven't responded in the last few days. Between finishing up The Cursed Chateau (done, finally), working on Shadow, Sword & Spell and the revision to Thousand Suns, not to mention numerous other responsibilities, I've been laxer than usual and I'm sorry for that. Of course, I do turn 40 next week, so maybe I can blame it on creeping senescence ...

In any case, I will get round to replying to everyone who's taken the time to contact me and blog posting will resume its usual rapid pace in due course. Believe it or not, Grognardia eats up a lot of my time each weekday (and often on the weekends) and October has proven to be busier than expected. Such is life.


  1. An early "Happy Four-Oh" to you James!

    How are you releasing the Chateau? Print via lulu? PDF? And more importantly, when?


  2. Hmmm. Nearly picked up Thousand Suns last weekend. Instead, I purchased the FFE/QLI 3-book reprint of the classic Traveller LBBs instead.

    Should I be waiting for the revised version of Thousand Suns?

  3. I still think Spell, Sword & Shadow has a more poetic ring to it. :D

  4. Nothing gives you that pulp fantasy flavor then starting with swords in the title. Hence, I would go with swords, spells and shadows. Worked for Leiber afterall.

  5. I seem to have missed the post(s) about Shadow, Sword & Spell. What's it about?

    Happy 40 in advance! I turn 39 on Saturday. *sigh*