Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Otherworld Minis Sale

Otherworld Miniatures is having their Third Birthday Sale. Between now and December 3, all miniatures are 20% off. Likewise, orders of £75.00 or more receive free worldwide shipping. Otherworld's minis are by far and away my favorites and, had I infinite resources, I'd probably be placing a big order with them right now. As it is, I'm still awfully tempted to do so, so perhaps some of you out there in the ether can pick up the slack for me and buy a few? Seriously, Otherworld does great work and I want to see them prosper for many years to come.


  1. Very tempting. Especially considering that the sale lasts 5 weeks.

  2. "Seriously, Otherworld does great work and I want to see them prosper for many years to come."

    Me too! Thanks, James. ;)


  3. I remember buying their Demon Idol when it came out. I used it to make a PHB cover diorama as a gift for my brother's 40th birthday.

    I've not always liked the look of OWs stuff but they have made some really nice pieces. I have so much unpainted lead it isn't funny, but with the sale I may need to pick up a few more.

  4. Having some difficulty buying them through my local FLGS. Of course, it's the boxed Orcs set i'm after, which I am told has not yet reached the Canadian distributors.

    I love the Otherworld minis, they capture the 1970's D&D aesthetic so well.

    The gnolls are my favorite, but the Orcs were better bang for the buck.

  5. If your FLGS doesn't have any Otherworld Miniatures, you could suggest that they contact Warpath Games, my distributor for US & Canada. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to get my whole range that way.

    If that doesn't work, get your FLGS to contact me direct.

    Alternatively, you could order through the Otherworld Miniatures webstore. Shipping is very reasonable, and it's even free during the sale for orders over GBP75.00.

    If anyone is facing difficulties getting hold of this stuff, please contact me, and I'll do what I can to help.

    Richard Scott
    Otherworld Miniatures

  6. Warpath, yes that is who they were using.

    I'm headed down there this weekend. If there's still a difficulty, I'll go direct.