Saturday, October 24, 2009

Still Behind

I'm still catching up on emails, comments, and other correspondence, so my apologies if you're waiting on a response to any of the above from me. October continues to be hectic for me -- and not in a bad way -- so I've fallen behind on my usual practice of answering queries quickly. Such is life.

I don't expect the situation to change this coming week, especially with my birthday celebrations with friends and family over the next week. I imagine November will be a little less busy (or so I hope!).


  1. happy birthday. As a long-time follower of your blog, I humbly invoke the Godfather rule, in that you can't refuse a request on such an important date such as this. My request is simply:

    To a generation of gamers raised on 3E and WoW, what would be Your top five (or ten, or whatever) reasons to give OD&D a chance?

    To put it another way: I'm a DM looking to run an OD&D campaign (with OSRIC rules or something similar). How do I sell this idea to my players, used to playing gnoll paladins and storm giant rangers and Mind Flayer monks with the Whirlwind Attack feat?

    I love the philosophy the grognards advocate, but how to I translate this into a feasible campaign for my players?

  2. Happy Birthday, James!
    Party like there is no tomorrow the whole damn week!