Friday, October 2, 2009


Of course, the weather yesterday was wet and cold, so my son's Fall cough has appeared, keeping him -- and, by extension, me -- up all night last. He's home from school and I'm dead tired. I doubt there will be any posts today, but I may feel better later on after I've had a chance to nap. Otherwise, posting will resume once things settle down in the house, which I hope won't be too far in the future.


  1. Here, give him a potion of healing!

    /on second thought, some OJ might be better. :)

  2. Make some chicken soup for the both of you and rest up!

  3. I hope he feels better soon. I was home sick a lot as a kid, and it was no fun. Hopefully you have some good cartoon DVDs in the house. :)

  4. All my well wishes for a speedy recovery of health for you and your son.

  5. Sounds like your son is too young for my personal remedy for cold and flu symptoms, which is to say, alternate between swallowing Vitamin C capsules and downing shots of Tullamore Dew, until either the symptoms go away or, failing that, you feel no pain. ;)

  6. Hope you are both better soon. Grognardia is hands down the best RPG blog I've seen.

    Perhaps some readers will be interested in a sort of old school revival on the tabletop miniatures front:

    (A guy recreating the Heritage models dungeon crawl games from 1980/1981. Scott's a good guy, give him some encouragement)

    (an nice history of D&D minis)

    (I won't mention my blog...)