Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting There

The layout is getting better, I think. There are still a lot of rough spots to tweak, but it's shaping up quite nicely. Here's a nice two-page spread, complete with illustrations and revamped tables.


  1. In noticing the Alignment for Donn is "Donn", I first thought it was a typo. Then it really started my mind working and got all sorts of creative juices flowing.

    And I absolutely love the artwork.

  2. Looking good James, that style of art really suits the layout/font.

  3. Hi, some thoughts for your consideration:

    1) Try gutters that are smaller than the margins so the two columns groups together on the page.

    2) The bottom margin is usually larger than the rest of the margins to provide the bottom of the page with a little visual weight.

    3) The first paragraph after a header shouldn't be indented (The "CULTISTS" is shown correct").

    4) Centered type generally interacts poorly with non-centered type ... consider making the heads flush left.

    5) If your software allows it consider adding the title and possible author at the top of the page. If this is technically difficult consider adding the title before the folios.

    6) Having margins, gutters, and indents as part of a modular system can make the design hold together more (e.g. bottom margin 40pt, other margins 20pt, gutter 10pt, indent 10pt).

    Hope some of this is helpful ... I realize your dealing with some software limitations so some of theses suggestion may not be possible.

  4. Alternating grey and white table....nice change. Looks good. I like the art too.

  5. Petty Gods is next on my list of things to get done. Now that I feel a bit more confident about doing layout, even if it is very basic, on my own, I can get that finished and share it with everyone. No firm date yet but "soon."

  6. I pretty much agree with Richard's notes there.

    Since this is a Clerics section, does the image of a cleric (I assume) with an edged weapon cause confusion? Or does this not apply to Dwimmermount or evil clerics?

  7. Human sacrifice is so much harder with the blunt instrument.

  8. Awesomely done with a - is that right? - word processor! I'll second and third Richard's considerations.

    If you are really using a word processor to do that, it probably will let you use heading/footnote space to add whatever you like, that will be duplicated in all the document's pages.

    You can probably alternate the heading content between odd/even pages, like having the author's name on odd pages and the book's title on even pages.

    Just a thought.

  9. That looks pretty good, James. I think that for something like gamebooks, intended for practical use, the utilitarian approach is the way to go.

    That your layout is also renimiscent of one of the older, cherished editions of D&D is IMO a good thing.

  10. It's really coming together! Richard's suggests are sound. The wide gutter, in particular, struck me when I looked at the spread.

  11. The layout and the art really caught my eye and I really like the added touch of detailing the classes as they pertain to the Dwimmermount Campaign. Definitely on my watch list!

  12. I know you're just posting this so we can get a look at the layout, but I spotted a typo:

    Tenen is described as the god of "craftsman". This should be craftsmen.

    Also, shouldn't the spell names be italicized? Does Labyrinth Lord not follow that convention?

    Sorry to nitpick. I'm sure the typo would have been caught, but I thought I'd mention it.

  13. @Spawn of Endra -
    Ritual tools don't really count as "weapons" do they? The picture doesn't show him in combat, but rather involved in a cult ritual of some sort. I don't see an issue.

    Looking great James. I eager to see more.

  14. Looks really good. And that KG art works perfectly.

  15. Looks great! Can't wait to see more.

  16. @Koren: I'll buy that. Never thought about it in those terms.

  17. Nice clean layout w/o annoying ghosted background art behind the text as in so many "fancy" RPG books. Keep it simple, that's the way to go!


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