Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Links and a Cryptic Remark

Here's a fun little blog by Justin S. Davis, A Field Guide to Doomsday, where he provides readers with a bunch of new creatures for Mutant Future, complete with original illustrations.

The editor of the fanzine Oubliette would like everyone to know that it's now available in print through Lulu.com, including a compilation of the first four issue in a single volume.

Reader Richard Guy sends along this great link to the Nottingham Caves Survey homepage, where researchers are in the process of cataloging all 450+ sandstone caves beneath the city of Nottingham, complete with visual representations and 3-D fly-throughs.

Richard also offers a link to a review of the book Rats, which about how a city looks through the eyes of its pest-control industry -- great inspiration for anyone whose fantasy campaigns heavily involve cities.

And, finally, there's a very good chance that Petty Gods will include an introduction by an appropriate luminary of the early hobby. I hate being cryptic about such things, but a) I couldn't contain my enthusiasm and b) I didn't want to make an announcement until I was 100% certain it would come to pass. When I have confirmation that it's a go, I'll let everyone know.


  1. Ooo...I understand your a) and b) and the need for restraint. Honestly.

  2. Ha, I'd put up Rats at the SoCalMiniCon III book swap, and someone grabbed it. It really is a good read.

  3. You honor me with the shout-out. Much obliged!

  4. I adore those illustrations Justin has made with Spore.

  5. I have the book Rats sitting on my nightstand at this very moment, what a bizarre coincidence!