Saturday, November 6, 2010

Petty Gods Example: Vor Kantah

Here's an example of a petty god for those who are still unclear what I'm looking for. I have a ton of emails to answer from submitters and artists. Because there are so many of them, it may take me a few days to get through them all. If you haven't heard from me, don't worry: chances are I have gotten your submission or offer to illustrate and just haven't responded yet. Please bear with me; I was caught off-guard at the response this project would engender (not that I mind).

Name: Vor Kantah
Symbol: A lightning bolt striking a bridge
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 180' (60')
Armor Class:
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 99 hp (21 HD)
Attacks: Special
Save: M22
Morale: 10
Hoard Class:
XP: 11,000

Vor Kantah, Slayer of Fools and Heroes Alike, is the petty god of accidental death. Called upon both to protect against and to bring about demise by misadventure, Vor Kantah is a ghostly, incorporeal being, resembling a shadow of larger than normal proportions. Silent and ethereal, Vor Kantah surprises opponents on a roll of 1-5 on 1d6 and can only be struck by +2 or better weapons.

The petty god attacks by turning his opponent's powers and abilities against him. For example, if attacking a fighter, Vor Kantah attacks as a 21 HD creature but deals damage equal to the weapon the fighter is currently carrying, plus Strength and other bonuses. If attacking a spellcasting character, the god employs one of the character's spells against him, in the process expending it.

Vor Kantah can also bless or curse a mortal being, thereby decreasing or increasing the likelihood that unfortunate events occur in his presence for a 24 hour period. The blessing ensures that all attacks by the character do maximum damage, while all attacks and other damage-dealing effects against him do minimum damage (or are avoided entirely, if possible). The curse works in the opposite fashion. Vor Kantah can curse or bless one creature of his choice per round within 240', up to a maximum of 12 creatures per day.

Vor Kantah Reaction Table (Use Wisdom instead of Charisma for Modifier)




Friendly: Blesses 1d4 nearby targets.


Indifferent: Blesses 1d4 nearby targets if properly propitiated.


Neutral: Ignores nearby creatures.


Unfriendly: Curses 1d4 nearby targets if not properly propitiated.


Hostile: Curses 1d4 nearby targets.

Bear in mind that this is just an example. There's no need that each and every submission follow it to the letter. What I'm looking for is creativity, not a slavish adherence to the style or format I've presented here. That said, sticking roughly within the bounds set out in the example above is appreciated, as it makes formatting the final text a lot easier for me and increases its utility overall.


  1. Is there a specific power range you'd like to see for the gods, James? At 21 HD, that's less 'petty' than I was thinking. :)

  2. Nope. You can make them as weak or strong as you want. They're "petty" mostly in the sense that they're weaker than "true" gods. They're on par with the various demon lords and archdevils of OD&D and 1e.

  3. I sent in my first one.

    Thanks for the example.

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  5. For what it's worth, the hit point totals of the Unknown Gods range from a low of 40 hp up to 200 hp. The most common hp total is 80 hp. Twelve out of the 83 Unknown Gods have 80 hp.

  6. Hit Points of the Unknown Gods

    40 Mawdorn, God of Shadows
    50 Vernaha, Pixie Goddess
    50 Torrchas, God of Fools
    50 Feninva, Goddess of Blood
    50 Codeus, God of Dexterity
    50 Mururlu, God of Assassins
    50 Braz-Kazen, God of Smoke
    50 Vidmor, Bee Goddess
    50 Penelopania, Goddess of Music
    56 Mungo, God of Nightmares
    60 Crondussa, Goddess of Eagles
    60 Bondorr, God of Swords
    60 Mabont, God of Sight
    60 Selyton, God of Pain
    65 Promehene, God of Time
    65 Corrno, God of the Thief
    65 Suthak, Goddess of Fertility
    65 Kuvartma, God of the Moon
    70 Hercon, Goddess of Directional Magic
    70 Scodem, God of the Hunt
    70 Tar-Ark, God of Invisible
    72 Dyrantil, God of Alchemy
    73 Tel Star, God of the Northern Stars
    74 Losborst, God of Wine
    75 Shindra, Goddess of Dancing Girls
    75 Sinakad, God of Mercy for the Trapped
    75 Frantilla, Goddess of Flying
    75 Mondorent, Goddess of Tombs
    75 Beytnorn, God of Trees
    75 Pernatem, God of Sculptures
    75 Phread the Sightless, God of Unseeing
    76 Phelonious, God of Ancient Kings
    80 Bachontoi, God of Red Wisdom
    80 Tika-Nahu, God of Campfires
    80 Tyrebill, God of Light
    80 Cilborith, God of the Elves
    80 Mosinylo, God of the North Wind
    80 Hei, God of Giants
    80 Midor, Orc God
    80 Dorak, God of Peace
    80 Kolrak Mar, Troll God
    80 Molna, God of Travellers
    80 Teros, God of the Forest
    80 Rahda, the Child God
    90 Partressa, Goddess of Deep Water Fish
    90 Grismal, Guardian of the Underworld
    95 Vicon, Goddess of Visions
    95 Tangadorn, God of the Sky Dwellers
    95 Ihlwynd, God of Pestilence
    100 Bandorack, God of Feline Animals
    100 Sashu, God of Justice and Blind Beggars
    100 Teth Tufa, Gnome Goddess
    105 Pasperus, God of the Southern Stars
    108 Lord Skortch, God of Pillage, Rapine and Thoughtless Acts
    110 Rhiannon, Goddess of Witches
    110 Vivistat, God of Doom Unexplained
    110 Erion, Dog God
    120 Rashtri, Goddess of Strength in Revenge
    120 Bukera, God of Desert Mountains
    120 Montintra, Goddess of Lightning and Mirrors
    120 Kazadarum, God of Dwarves
    120 Ayu, Goddess of the Winds
    120 Thanatos, God of Death
    125 Kadrim, God of Small Birds
    125 Limtram, Goddess of Meadows
    125 Aniu, God of Time
    130 Jedahad Bird, God of Summer Storms
    130 Ragtha, God of the Waters
    85-175 (130 average) Xirchiriog, Chaos Unbounded
    135 Aladantle, Goddess of Beauty
    150 Eqni, the Earth God
    150 Kala Kala, the Fire God
    160 Zarkon, God of Long Rivers
    160 Coriptis, Goddess of Battle
    160 Mesha, Bringer of the Seasons
    175 Umannah, the Sun God
    175 Alinah, Goddess of the Moon
    175 Tardome, God of Aerial Warfare and Falcons
    175 Ostyed, God of Natural Disasters
    180 Trameron, God of the Five Seas
    200 Margonne, God of Evil Plans
    200 Dacron, God of Craftsmen
    210 Shashuk, the Great Red Dragon (servant of Kala Kala)

  7. Haven't sent mine yet but looking forward to doing it sometime tomorrow assuming I can finish the illustration. Can we send more than one? My homebrew D&D universe has a group of deities called "The Forgotten Gods" that fit this perfectly but I can't decide which one of two to submit.

  8. A god with a first and a second name is ... very petty indeed.

  9. BA,

    Send along as many as you like -- the more the merrier!

  10. Thanks for the example! I'm planning to send a submission in!