Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Word on Editing and Proofreading

As with the submissions and artwork, lots of folks have kindly offered to serve as editors and proofreaders for the Petty Gods project. I'll likely be taking several of you up on this offer once the submissions period is over, since having more eyes on the manuscript ensures that it won't be full of embarrassing typos/errors when I release the book early next year.

For the moment, though, hold off on sending me any more emails about this, since they'll just get lost in the sea of emails I already have (and that I've nearly worked my way through). I'll make a post to the blog sometime in late December asking for volunteers to edit/proofread the manuscript and we can proceed at that point.

Thanks, again, to everyone for their enthusiasm and offers of assistance. They are greatly appreciated.


  1. I don't play the older D&D variants or clones, but I always follow these blogs because they are bursting with creative ideas and approaches. If someone like me wants to submit, is there anyone willing to help generate OD&D stats to go with flavor text?

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  3. I can help you out. Email me at drakinfar at google mail.

    Double post so I could use a key board that will actually work :)