Monday, November 22, 2010

More Petty Gods Art

Here's Odxit, the petty god of unexplained smells, courtesy of Ndege Diamond:

By now, you know the drill: I'm still receiving submissions and still working through them, so bear with me. Thanks to everyone who's keeping me busy with this stuff, though. This is going to be an awesome book.


  1. With the Petty gods on the table and occupying much of your time, does that mean your Dwimmermount publication will be delayed?

  2. Dwimmermount shouldn't be delayed. It's still on tap for the first quarter of 2011, as before. In fact, I just approved the cover image for it earlier today.

  3. Interesting drawing by Ndege, looks like it's done in watercolour until you enlarge it, unusual effect.

    I am itching to get started on an illustration!

  4. Andrew,

    Don't worry: there'll be plenty to illustrate, so I'll be in touch eventually. :)

  5. It's looking into my soul.................

  6. I did send an email to sign up for drawing duties, but I thought I'd post here too, just in case.

    Of course, these previews are all rather intimidating, so I'm second-guessing myself now!