Thursday, June 1, 2023

Erol Otus Webstore

Several of you have sent me a link to the official Erol Otus webstore, where the celebrated old school RPG illustrator is now selling a small selection of products featuring his artwork, including the T-shirt above. With luck, more products will become available in the future, though a lot depends, I suppose, on what rights Otus might have retained of his TSR era pieces. 


  1. If they every do a tee with that centerfold spread from Revolt On Antares I'm buying seven of them so I can dedicate a week every month to that piece of art. :)

  2. Deities & Demigods was my first encounter with Lovecraft and the Mythos, so for good or ill this artwork colored my take on everything for a long time — but I love how Erol Otus drew Cthulhu like an annoyed school master, ready to take a student down a peg with a droll quip.

  3. There's some Otus pieces I'd definitely be proud to wear