Friday, March 12, 2010

Too Many Ideas

You know, I'm not sure what's worse: suffering from writer's block or having so many ideas there's no way I could possibly do half of them justice, let alone all of them.

I've been on a role lately, which is good, but it's difficult to stay focused when, in the midst of working on one project, I get really good ideas for several others, including a full RPG.



  1. Having myself the same exact problem since long time, I comfort myself with something I've heard once during a screenplay training stage: switching from one project to the other is the best method to keep your ideas fresh and flowing. Thinking too much at a single project is more likely to bring you to the block writer. It's like farming a soil: if you always farm the same crop, it will become arid. Enjoy your creativity :)

  2. I curse your mind, as well as mine, for distracting me with so many wonderful diversions.

    I'm once again haunted by a number great ideas for novel CRPG's that I'll never have the time or money to make.

  3. Join the club. I have a full campaign planned out in my head. I have levels 1-5 and then 12-16 but the middle is where it kills me.

    I have a setting that would rival Eberron with all the crafty intrigues, killer enviornments, and enough intrigue to mke people sit back and go hmmmmmmm.

    Demons and Devils conversion guide to streamline all the baddies and make them be as epic as possible and use the Pathfinder system.

    Those are my big 3. They are stuck in my head. I can talk about them to death, plan them out, but I can't seem to put them on paper. I sit at the computer and it just goes to absolute poo.

    Sigh. Someone invent a mind dumping device.

  4. By the Book of Oa! This very thing is the bane of my existance. I want to run so many different kinds of games its sometimes maddening.

  5. I'm literally in the same over-filled, sinking boat. It's like squishing a million migrant ideas through the tiny Ellis Island of my brain. I just can't process them all!

  6. You read my mind. I was busy composing a post on this very topic but I tossed it asside because I wanted to spend time developing at least *some* of the ideas fighting for my attention (in addition to attending to my real life responsibilities). Curse my demanding and fickle muse. Wait, I take that back. Better to have too many ideas than too few.

  7. That's what the Moleskine is for mate. ;)

    I'm just happy to ride the wave when it hits me, knowing there'll probably be a dry spell (and months of silence) before too long.

  8. Marco Torre is right. Me, I write down the raw ideas and save them. Eventually, the time and inspiration will come again to revisit and flesh them out, and in the end you get a better product. It is like making a rough draft of the idea and building upon it. The key is both time and inspiration, when the old muse calls.

  9. Writer's block is definitely worse.

    I agree with Marco at the top; lately I've had a good run juggling 2 projects. On a day where I get pissed off with one, I switch to the other, and it feels like a fun, refreshing break.

  10. Not to mention all the time that play by post at OD&D discussion is taking away from you. Oh, wait...


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