Thursday, September 10, 2009

Days of High Adventure

I'd neglected to mention that The Escapist, an online magazine covering gaming and gaming culture, recently began a weekly column called "Days of High Adventure," which is dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games, particularly those of an old school character. I'm fortunate enough to be one of their regular columnists, along with Allen Varney, Monte Cook, and fellow blogger, Christopher Brackett of A Rust Monster Ate My Sword.

Aside from the opportunity it's afforded me, I'm particularly pleased to see this column in a widely read and much-respected "outside" gaming journal. It's rare nowadays that tabletop RPGs get much exposure in the wider world, so I'm very grateful to the editors of The Escapist for expanding their focus into the part of the gaming world I love best.


  1. And thank you very much for helping us launch the High Adventure column series! (James wrote the inaugural column).

  2. Wow, awesome. I'm in complete agreement and similar excitement about getting pen&paper wider exposure. Escapest is a great venue.