Monday, September 7, 2009

Fascinating New Blog

Planet Algol is fascinating new (to me anyway) blog dedicated to, in the words of its subtitle, "old school pulp sword and sorcery on a planet of weird science fantasy." How's that for evocative? The blog's a fun mix of setting information (such as a gazetteer of the planet Algol, new monsters, etc.), actual play reports, and general musings about gaming and the hobby. It's a really fun read and window on a type of fantasy gaming I find ever more fascinating as I get older. Plus, the cast of characters from a recent session struck me as something Jeff Rients would really get a kick out of:
DUDE EARTHMAN - Simple-minded Earth Man Fighting Man
MONSTER MONAGIN - Earth Man Sailor and Fightingest Man in this Company
RICHARD "DICKIE" DEE - Bone Man Sorcerer
RYGARR - Green Man Sorcerer

GAN-RON THE SILVER MAN - Simple-minded Good Hero, possessor of a magic silver sword
JAIAG 11-3XG - Synthetic Prostitute
GRUBB GRIZZLER - Earth Man Thief
NIGEL NIGHTBRINGER - Earth Man Fighting Man
Great stuff.


  1. Yeah. Good call. That blog is pure awesomite.

  2. That is a pretty slick blog. Thank you for posting it.

  3. Thanks you so much for your kind words! Ironically enough, reading blogs like Grognardia, Jeff's Gameblog and Ancient Vaults and Eldritch secrets is what provided the impetus for me to: A) Ditch modern systems for houseruled AD&D and B) Start the weird, gonzo Planet Algol campaign.

  4. Good for you, B! Your Algol campaign sounds great!