Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mutant Scavengers of the Ruined Earth

Following in the footsteps of Nicolas Dessaux's Searchers of the Unknown, Kyrinn Eis has created her own minimalist RPG, the post-apocalyptic Mutant Scavengers of the Ruined Earth. Great stuff there for fans of Gamma World style science fantasy fun.

Thanks to Sean Wills for pointing it out to me.


  1. Both links point to Searchers of the Unknown.

  2. This is my favorite of the one page D&D versions yet. Whodathunk you could fit a pretty complete random mutation generator into such a thing? This looks like fun and I am sure I will talk one of my groups into playing a one off with it sometime soon.

  3. I think folks should release these things through RPGNow.

  4. I think they would make great articles for Fight On! Maybe a special microgames issue?

  5. James,
    --Thanks for posting this. :D

    * Carl: I am really gratified to read your comment. I would be delighted to receive any feedback you have after playing MSotRE! with your group. :D

    * RPGO_chuk: Intriguing. How does one go about doing something like that? Would the fact that it is derived from another author/designer's work pose issues (I imagine it would, at least, be in good taste to first contact Mr. Dessaux)

    Someone posted on my blog that they thought it was too much for a one-page game. I'm a bit confused by that, but certainly appreciate his right to that opinion. :)

    I have a Supers extension/version in mind, especially crystallised after hearing the podcast with Matt Finch discussing what an Old School Supers game would be like as far as the scope of power-scale, etc.

  6. Timeshadows- well, either the author would have to start a "company" and post it themselves, or a current publisher would have to do it with their permission.

    Since it currently costs about 65 bucks to set up an account on RPGNow, I was more assuming the latter.

    I'd certainly be willing to post something like that for someone.

  7. * Chuck: I am not at all adverse to creating an account, and had aspirations to do so.
    --Thank you, both for the information, and the offer. :D
    ---I'll keep in touch, and please, feel free to give The Grand Tapestry your blog patronage.

    Thanks again, James. :D

  8. BTW Timeshadows, if the Scavengers is yours, I dig it.

    The world never has enough PA games :)

  9. * Chuck: MUTANT SCAVENGERS of the RUINED EARTH! is mine. :D

    Kyrinn S. Eis / Timeshadows / Kyllia Kreeperkin (on T&T related boards)

  10. I would like to see how look a superhero version of SotU !

  11. * Nicholas: It is an honour to correspond with you. Searchers of the Unknown is such a great game.

    I hope the Supers version I am planning doesn't disappoint. :)

  12. Here's a little autoduelling supplement:

    'Wheelspins in the Wasteland'