Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Goblinoid Games Site

Goblinoid Games has a spiffy new website. I'm glad to see this, since lots of people have been asking me about Labyrinth Lord lately -- must be something in the air -- and it's good to be able to point to an honest-to-goodness website for more information.

From the looks of it, some terrific things are in the offing from Goblinoid. In addition to all their excellent products, there's now a "Labyrinth Lord Society" in the works, as well as a OGC library of LL-related content. I also noticed, with some pleasure, that Goblinoid is now taking submissions and paying for them -- a very good sign.

All in all, looks good things are happening for the publisher of Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future.


  1. Thanks for the mention James. The new paperback and PDF will go n sale sometime Monday, and the free PDF will also be posted.

  2. Forgot to mention. We've always paid for submissions while we've been taking them, which has been for several months. Idol of the Orcs is the first manuscript we've bought. We're looking for more, especially creative low level adventures.

  3. Funny, you'd post this James--I just did a short interview with Dan! Should be up on my site tomorrow. Something in the air, indeed!

  4. And there's another good reason to support new "retro" games like LL: finding one's favorite version of the old rules can get expensive. A copy of the D&D Cyclopedia just went on eBay for $53.00.

    Games like LL give one the experience without leaving the checkbook crying. :)