Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Important Play by Post Information

If you're a player in my Dwimmermount play by post game and have not yet had your account activated on the OD&D Discussion forums, please send an email to CCorey8201 at aol dot com to request activation it. It's a recent change in the board's policies that I didn't notice until today, so my apologies for the confusion.


  1. cool, I was beginning to wonder how long I would have to wait to be approved! I am going to build my character tonight, I put down some of my thoughts about her as a comment on your "Dwimmermount Play by Post Update" post because I couldn't post over at the OD&D board.

    My main question is what racial bonuses to thief scores (if any) does a goblin get? Are they replacing the halfling in the Greyhawk supplement?

  2. Goblins just replace hobbits when it comes to thief skill bonuses and penalties.

  3. Well, I got flooded with requests and decided to do a mass-invite instead of waiting for all of those pesky e-mails. I just hope the SPAM-bots were sleeping at their posts today. :-)

    This online game seems to be really taking off, James! Good luck to you on this project. I know I'll be watching....