Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Labyrinth Lord: Revised Edition

Coming in September 2009!

Labyrinth Lord: Revised Edition is a new printing of the classic Labyrinth Lord rules, which fixes known errata. In addition, a new cover and all new interior art has been added courtesy of the very talented Steve Zieser! This edition of Labyrinth Lord will be appearing in game stores in November, but will be available for online sales in September via Lulu and from Goblinoid Games direct to retailers. The paperback version ($21.95) will be in distribution, and a hard cover ($31.95) will be available exclusively online.

Like the previous edition, a free complementary electronic book will be made available in addition to a rich text file. The free electronic book will be without art, but a heavily discounted full art version will be available for $4.95 at Your Games Now and RPGnow. We’re taking this approach because Goblinoid Games is the first publisher of a neo-retro game to buy all of the interior and cover art, and to continue hiring freelancers we have to charge for the updated and improved edition.

The free complementary edition will have the same pagination as the art version and print version, making it a useful free tool so all players can get the rules, with the same pagination to ease reference, free for online and at-the-table play.

The electronic version will go on sale concurrently with the POD version at Lulu.


  1. Very neat. I may have to forgo the hardcopy for a while, but I will very probably pick up the art-included PDF at least.

  2. Congrats to Dan! That's a nice looking book.

    I'm going to have to pick one up.

    BTW, $4.95 is a great price for the full PDF.

  3. Wow. I love the cover! That just screams old time dungeon crawl to me. Sort of a combination of the cover of Dragon Magazine #55 and the original cover for In Search of the Unkown. I can hardly wait to get hold of a copy.

  4. I'm digging the cover too. I have the "3rd Release April 2008" PDF version, does anyone know if this new release will have changes not in that release?

  5. Looking good, and great cover artwork.

  6. Wow. I love the cover!

    I do too. I think Steve Zieser is one of the many great artistic finds of the OSR and I'm glad to see him finally getting a chance to showcase his work.

  7. Hmmmmm. Old school game companies need to make use of some good graphic designers to tie their products' artwork, layout and logos etc. together. The artwork is great. But the awkward insertion of the text and logo is not. The blending of the two, art and text, should compliment each other. Ideally, cover art should be specifically commissioned, and should be planned and created with consideration of the placement of the logo and text etc. These sort of small details count.

    Time and time again this sort of thing happens. It's very frustrating to see fantastically written and illustrated products stumble at the last hurdle by not quite being able to finish off and present a properly polished final product.

    There, I finally said it. And I'm not taking it back.

  8. Is there any information on how this is different from the previous edition of Labyrinth Lord?