Monday, November 2, 2020

Alpha to Omega

In that interview in issue #3 of Polyhedron (Winter 1981–1982) that I've been posting about lately, James M. Ward mentions an unproduced RPG product.

Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega is a title that I remember hearing for years, probably based on a mention or two in the pages of Dragon. It always piqued my interest, since I was, for a time, quite obsessed with finding a copy of Metamorphosis Alpha (as I related here). At least now I know why MA ceased publication and thereby became so difficult to obtain. 

TSR did eventually produce a game with this title, though it was a softcover booklet rather than a boxed set. In 1994, the company released Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega as a campaign setting for its Amazing Engine generic roleplaying game rules. I still have a copy and remember thinking it was actually pretty good, all things considered. Most of the issues I had with it were related to the Amazing Engine rules rather than the content or presentation of the setting itself. I may have to take a look at it again to see if my feelings about it have changed. I continue to think a generation ship gone mad is a great concept for a campaign setting.

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