Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Urheim: Austorga

Austorga by Zhu Bajiee

Level 9 Magic-User

Armor Class: 8 [11]
Hit Points: 22
Attacks: 1 × staff (2d6) or 1 × spell
THAC0: 17 [+2]
Movement Rate: 120' (40')
Saves: D11 W12 P11 B14 S12

Alignment: Chaotic

STR 7 INT 16 WIS 13
DEX 10 CON 11 CHA 14

Spells: Detect Magic, Magic Missile, Read Magic, ESP, Invisibility, Locate Object, Clairvoyance, Haste, Invisibility 10' Radius, Confusion, Dimension Door, Animate Dead

Items: Dagger, Potion of Gaseous Form, Ring of Protection +1, Saddle Bag, Scarab of Protection (7 charges), Staff of Striking (22 charges)

Appearance: Female; age 44; tall with long, black hair; otherworldly demeanor.

Personality: Calm, thoughtful, and attentive to detail. Respected for her willingness to listen and consider even unusual courses of action. Genuinely fascinated by goblin culture. Unconcerned with luxury or creature comforts, being driven instead by a desire to uncover the secrets of the Great Ancients by any means at her disposal.

Background: Based on what little she has revealed, Austorga grew up in or near the mining town of Vidda, on the edge of the Starfall, the weird desert between the Shield Wall and Thunderhome Mountains. As a young woman, she displayed both remarkable intelligence and a keen understanding of the dynamics of power. It did not take long for Austorga to see that the practice of magic was the path to true power and she apprenticed herself to an Adamantine magister, with whom she studied until she had learned all he could teach her.

Once sure of her own abilities, Austorga set out on her own, heading south to Retep, where she became an influential and sought after magician, consulted by the city's great and good, up to the Lord Mayor himself. It was then that she first met the soldier who called himself Foulque and she saw in him the perfect vehicle for her own designs. Though their business partnership eventually developed into an affectionate one, Austorga never lost sight of her ultimate goal: to unearth sites associated with the Ancients.

While the Company of the Quarrel was in the employ of the Margrave of Somtha, Austorga found evidence that the underworld beneath the ruined monastery of St. Gaxyg-at-Urheim might contain just what she sought. She convinced Foulque to take his men there, along the way befriending the goblins of the Mighty Peak clan, who now act as their guides. Now, it's only a matter of time before she finds what she has desired for so long...

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