Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Urheim: Ruins Wandering Monsters

In the Ruins, wandering monsters are encountered on a roll of 1 of 1d6. Check for wandering monsters once every 2 game turns. Roll 1d20 for the monster encountered.

  1. Shadow (1d6) (night only) [1]
  2. Centipede, Giant (1d8)
  3. Dog, Wild (2d6)
  4. Rat, Normal (2d10)
  5. Berserker (1d8) [2]
  6. Goblin (1d8) [3]
  7. Snake, Pit Viper (1d8)
  8. Wolf, Normal (1d10)
  9. Brigand (1d8) [4]
  10. Brigand (1d8) [4]
  11. Bat, Normal (1d20)
  12. Brigand [4]
  13. Brigand [4]
  14. Beetle, Oil (1d8)
  15. Cat, Great (Mountain Lion) (1d4)
  16. Ferret, Giant (1d8)
  17. Berserker (1d8) [2]
  18. Rat, Normal (2d10)
  19. Stirge (1d10)
  20. Shadow (1d6) (night only) [1]


[1]: These manifestations of Chaos emerge from the Lower Catacombs only at night. Treat this result as "no encounter" during the daytime.
[2]: Cursed remnants of the Sword Sworn Company whom Captain Foulque has cowed into his service. They do not mix with the mercenaries of the Company of the Quarrel.
[3]: Mercenary members of the Mighty Peak clan in the employ of Austorga.
[4]: Members of the Company of the Quarrel.


  1. I like how "normal" it feels. Too many adventures are obsessed with being weird from the get-go and forget the dangers of the natural world (and our fellow humans).

    1. That was my goal. There's plenty of weirdness in Urheim, but it's all below the surface and not immediately apparent.