Saturday, November 14, 2020

Urheim: Captain Foulque

Captain Foulque by Zhu Bajiee
Level 6 Fighter

Armor Class: –1 [20]
Hit Points: 31
Attacks: 1 × sword (1d8+2) or 1 × crossbow (1d6)
THAC0: 17 [+2]
Movement Rate: 60' (20')
Saves: D10 W11 P12 B13 S14

Alignment: Neutral

DEX 13 CON 10 CHA 18

Items: Chainmail +2, Shield +2, Crossbow (30 bolts), Potion of Heroism, Sword +1 (+2 vs Spell Users)

Appearance: Male; age 46; tall with a piercing stare; salt and pepper hair and beard.

Clothing: Brown, padded surcoat over well maintained chainmail and a short, gray cloak.

Personality: Daring, fair, and decisive. A good leader, well liked by his men. Suspicious of clerics and the devout. Motivated less by greed than by a desire to make the Company of the Quarrel a disciplined, effective, and – above all – respected military force.

Background: Born a peasant in a border theme, Foulque – the nom de guerre he later adopted – was conscripted into the armies of the Empire of Volmar at a young age. He excelled in military matters and proved himself to his superiors, quickly rising to the rank of Place-Warden to Under-General Arsenius. During the War of the Three Zenos, Arsenius was assassinated by a traitor loyal to Moschus and Foulque, as his lieutenant, was similarly marked for death. He escaped, fleeing northward to Retep.  

In Retep, Foulque established a new identity and attracted to himself a band of roughnecks and ne'er-do-wells in whom he saw potential. By dint of charisma and grit, he forged them into the core of a free company that would come to be known as the Company of the Quarrel. In Retep, he also encountered the magician Austorga and forged first a close working and later romantic relationship with her. Together, they established the Company as one of the premier mercenaries bands in the North.

Nevertheless, Foulque is uncertain about the wisdom of Austorga's plan in directing them to St. Gaxyg-at-Urheim. Over the years, he has learned to trust her instincts. If she says there's wealth and power to be gained from the ruins of a monastery, he's prepared to believe her... 


  1. The Telluria setting is utterly charming, I love all these little tidbits of history. Now you've got me wondering about the three Zenos. A Triumvirate?

    1. Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

      The Three Zenos are three claimants to the throne of the empire, all of whom share the same given name.

  2. You calculated the AC wrong. It should be -1 with all the magic and dexterity bonuses.