Thursday, November 5, 2020

Here I Stand

My wargames education continues, as I shift back in time to the wars of the Reformation. My latest foray into conflict simulation is GMT's Here I Stand, which we began last night. By "began," I mean "learned the rules," since there are a lot of moving parts. My friend, who's played the game before, explained that it's not a very complex game in the sense that it's rules are hard to understand. Rather, there are simply a lot of things going on at once, making it sometimes difficult to keep track of them all. His advice was to treat it a bit like a roleplaying game: figure out what your faction wants to do and then make decisions on that basis instead of worrying too much about rules and systems. That sort of approach appeals to me a great deal, so I am hopeful that, despite my inexperience, I won't ruin the Habsburgs' plans to dominate Europe.


  1. Fantastic. I live a long way from other gamers but couldn't help getting this game when I saw it on a trip to the city. It looks great to play and your friend's advice would be the only way to play I reckon! Looking forward to reading your report.

  2. Is it sad that I see a potentially useful point crawl map of europe as well? 8-).

    Otherwise it looks and interesting game, I just don’t have enough time (nor handy people) to try revisiting wargaming or even much other kind of board gaming.