Friday, November 13, 2020

Grognard's Grimore: Kin


A kin by Jason Sholtis
Requirements: Minimum CHA 9

Prime Requisite: CHA and STR

Hit Dice: 1d6

Maximum Level: 10

Armor: Any, including shields

Weapons: Any

Languages: Alignment, Common

Sometimes called “High Men” (or, in esoteric texts, the Terrim), kin are a secretive group of tall, attractive humanoids who attire themselves in peculiar clothing and armor. Kin are rare and few in number, typically traveling alone or in very small groups. There are rumors of a hidden kingdom of kin, but, if true, its location remains a mystery. Kin have an innate knowledge and command of magic, for which they are both well known and feared.

Prime Requisites: A kin with at least 13 INT and STR gains a 5% bonus to experience. A kin with a WIS of at least 16 and a STR of at least 13 receives a +10% bonus.


Kin can use all types of weapons and armor.

Detect Magic

Kin are attuned to magic, allowing them, when actively searching, to detect magical energy or spell casting within 10’ per level with a 2-in-6 chance.

Arcane Magic

Spell casting: Unlike other arcane spell casters, kin do not use spell books but they are still limited in the number of spells they may memorize per day. The level progression table shows both the number of spells a kin knows and the number they may memorize, determined by the character’s experience level. Thus, a 1st-level kin knows one spell , selected by the referee (who may allow the player to choose).

Using magic items: As spell casters, kin can use magic scrolls of spells on their spell list. They can also use items that may only be used by arcane spell casters (e.g. magic wands).

Immunity to Charm

Kin are completely unaffected by the effects of the charm person spell or abilities that mimic it, such as the song of harpies.

Listening at Doors

Kin have a 2-in-6 chance of hearing noises.

Magical Attack Bonus

A kin’s superior understanding of magic grants them a +1 melee attack bonus against all enchanted and summoned creatures.


Any time a kin wishes (and has sufficient money), they may build a stronghold and control the surrounding lands.

Kin Level Progression

* Modifiers from CON no longer apply.

D: Death / poison; W: Wands; P: Paralysis / petrify; B: Breath attacks; S: Spells / rods / staves


  1. Interesting. Sort of a human version of a higher elf race. Is there a particular inspiration for this?

    1. No, it's just something from my own games. I suppose there might be a small bit of inspiration from Moorcock's Melnibonéans.

    2. I got more of a Numenorean vibe myself—more "man, unlocked" than anything eldritch.

  2. Great. Could be the Skas from Vance's Lyonesse, or the celtic formores

  3. Under "Prime Requisites," did you mean INT where you have WIS? Likewise, did you intend a minimum 9 in INT as well? CHA might be a good alternative....

    1. Thank you for pointing that out! Those are holdovers from a previous draft. Let me fix the post.