Thursday, October 8, 2020

Grognard's Grimoire: Goblin

A goblin by Zhu Bajiee

Requirements: Minimum DEX 9
Prime Requisite: DEX and STR
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: 8
Armor: Any appropriate to size, including shields
Weapons: Any appropriate to size
Languages: Alignment, Common, Goblin, the language of wolves

Goblins are short humanoid beings standing between 3' and 3½' tall. They possess skin ranging in color from yellow to orange to red (and everything in between), while their eyes are usually reddish in hue and are visible even in the dark. Though many goblins live underground, not all do so, especially those most likely to interact with Men and join adventuring parties. Goblins can be somewhat surly and resentful when interacting with other beings, or even their own kin, like bugbears and hobgoblins. These attitudes are only heightened by the fact that many goblins – though not all – are aligned with Chaos.

Prime Requisites: A goblin with at least 13 in one prime requisite gains a 5% bonus to experience. If both DEX and STR are 16 or higher, the goblin gets a +10% bonus.

Goblins can use all types of armor, but it must be tailored to their small size. Similarly, they can use any weapon appropriate to their stature (as determined by the referee). They cannot use longbows or two-handed swords.

Defensive Bonus
Due to their small size, goblins gain a +2 bonus to Armor Class when attacked by large opponents (greater than human-sized).

Detect Construction Tricks
Goblins are fair miners and have a 2-in-6 chance of being able to detect new construction, sliding walls, or sloping passages when searching.

Goblins have infravision to 60'.

Underground, goblins have a 3-in-6 chance of moving silently.

Wolf Affinity
Goblins live alongside wolves, including dire wolves. They can speak to these animals and gain a +1 bonus to reaction rolls when encountering wolves. If the result is at least Indifferent, a wolf will consent to being ridden as a mount by the goblin.

After Reaching 8th Level
A goblin can establish a stronghold, whether above ground or beneath it, attracting 2d6 goblins from far and wide. Goblins typically live in clans, so goblins of the character's clan will be attracted to this stronghold. Goblins from other clans will generally be friendly and clan may collaborate in times of war or disaster. 

A goblin ruler may only hire goblin mercenaries. Specialists and retainers of any race may be hired, but this is uncommon.

Goblin Level Progression

D: Death / poison; W: Wands; P: Paralysis / petrify; B: Breath attacks; S: Spells / rods / staves.


  1. A cute little class... And it even gets the domain earlier that the rest of classes, that is strangely fitting for a goblin... Being a goblin warlord ain't that hard!

  2. Replies
    1. You're right: I do. I only didn't include any because the format I'm using (Old School Essentials) doesn't list any and it slipped my mind. I should correct that evenually.

  3. I 'd very much rather have goblins than halfling in my BX D&D.
    Nice job!