Friday, October 23, 2020


Normally, I would post an interview today. This week, there won't be one. The reason for this is time. 

Since August, I've been posting three to five times a day Monday through Friday – and enjoying every minute of it. Unfortunately, writing posts of any sort takes up a lot of time, sometimes spread over the course of multiple days. That's particularly true of interviews. 

The next couple of weeks will be busy for me on other fronts. I'm currently in the midst of finishing up issue #13 of my Tékumel fanzine, The Excellent Travelling Volume. I've also got several projects for Thousand Suns under way. That's in addition to developing Urheim, preparing for the games I'm refereeing at Virtual Gamehole Con, and my weekly House of Worms campaign. Whew!

I'm still feeling my way toward balancing all these endeavors in a way that's sustainable and remains enjoyable for me. Consequently, I'm going to ease up for the next few days to give myself some time to catch up on these other matters. My apologies in advance.


  1. I am just thrilled you're back -- someone linked to a post on Grognardia a couple weeks ago, and I was elated. I had erased the bookmark out of despondency. Even if your posts shrink to one or two a week, I'm here for them. Do what you need to do, and thanks for your writing. Cheers.

  2. Hobbies should be fun --- no expectations, no pressure. I'm enjoying it. Take your time. Enjoy!

  3. Serioisly, it's just great you're back

  4. Echoing the other posts of appreciation that you are posting new content. Grognardia was a central part of my introduction to what we now refer to as the OSR and reading your recent posts has renewed my enthusiasm. A sincere thank you!

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