Thursday, October 22, 2020

Grognard's Grimoire: Bael

Bael (Old School Essentials)

Bael by Jason Sholtis
AC –7 [26], HD 23**** (184hp), Att 2 × bite (2d6), THAC0 5 [+14], MV 150' (50'), SV D2 W2 P2 B2 S2, ML 12, AL Chaotic, XP 10,500, NA 1, TT R, S, T, V

Bael is a great demon king, arguably the most powerful of his kind. From his citadel on the dark side of Aido in the Sixth Shell, he commands 66 legions. Though capable of assuming many guises, his preferred form is that of an eight-legged creature with three heads—his right one looking like a cat, his left like a toad, and his central one like a cadaverous human king wearing a two-tiered crown. When Bael speaks, it is through the mouth of his human head, which possesses a harsh and haughty voice.

Bael may only be struck by +3 or better weapons. His human head has a charm gaze (no saving throw) that affects creatures within 300' for 1 turn. The number of creatures affected is determined by their hit dice, as follows: 3 HD or fewer, 1d10×10; 4–6 HD, 5d8; 7–9 HD, 3d8; 10–12 HD, 2d6; and 13+ HD, 1d4. Creatures possessing 15 or more hit dice are entitled to a saving throw versus spells. His toad head has a breath attack identical to the effects of a wand of cold. His cat head causes fear as a wand of fear. These two attacks are usable at will. Both the toad and cat heads may also bite, but Bael rarely stoops to such attacks, deeming it beneath him. 

Bael may use the following spell-like abilities at will: clairvoyance, continual darkness, detect invisible, detect magic, dispel magic, ESP, invisibility, levitate, polymorph self, read languages, read magic, telekinesis (5000 coins per head), wall of ice, water breathing, web, and summon (with an 85% chance of success) any demon of the first through sixth shells. Once per day, he can use feeblemind or projected image.

All spiders do Bael homage, as do Chaotic felines and batrachians. The Grimoire Major (which designates Bael 06-02 Red) claims there is a rivalry between the King of the East and Duke Vephar (q.v.) regarding the Ranine (q.v.), with both demon lords asserting dominion over them. On Telluria, cultists and witches make pacts with Bael to gain the powers of subtlety and invisibility.


  1. Nice to list the number of legions each devil lord commands - very Pseudomonarchia Daemonum/Dictionnaire Infernal, as is the illo.

    1. That's the ultimate origin of many of the demons I'll be posting. I love their portrayals of demons – very evocative and weird.

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