Monday, October 26, 2020

Help Requested

The other day, I was idly following links from one place to another and stumbled across a very fascinating blog devoted to miniatures wargaming during the Seven Years' War. The blog included the image below, which made me laugh. Like a fool, I didn't bookmark it and now can't find the blog again.

Anyone have an idea what this blog might be?

(Before anyone suggests it, I have already attempted to use a reverse image search to locate the blog. After all, how often could the Salad Cat have been put in the role of Frederick the Great? The problem, alas, is that reverse image searches don't seem to take into account text and, since the underlying image is so ubiquitous, finding the source of this specific version of it isn't easy.)


  1. Possibly this blog?

    1. Sadly, no, though that's a great link nonetheless. Thanks!

  2. Your browser history should tell you this, if it wasn't too long ago.