Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Kaiyo Subsector

Kaiyo is subsector H of Riphaeus Sector, where I set my most recent Traveller campaign. Several worlds of the Empire of Nagoya are located here, but the Second Federation of Suns has a strong presence here too, along with many independent worlds. Most of Riphaeus Sector was claimed by the Federation's predecessor, which fell into civil war about 350 years ago. Under the leadership of the Nova Tagiĝo (New Dawn) Party, the Federation has become aggressively expansionist in recent years, intending to reclaim the worlds its forerunner once possessed. Consequently, agents of the Second Federation were frequent antagonists in the campaign.

The Kaiyo subsector contains 38 worlds with a population of 1.7 billion. The highest population is 1 billion, at Gorod. The highest tech level is E at Ixchel.

Jahannum (Riphaeus 3112)
Jahannum has a thick Nitrogen-Oxygen atmosphere, but its mean surface pressure is too high to support unprotected human life. However, at high altitudes, such as the plateau on which the settlement of Adin is constructed, the pressure is more tolerable.

Manai (Riphaeus 2512)
Physically, Manai is an unpleasant world, with large concentrations of sulfur compounds in its atmosphere, which can cause damage to unprotected visitors. The planet’s small population (approximately 500) is transient, consisting primarily of the families of naval personnel stationed at the nearby base.

Sirin (Riphaeus 2812)
Sirin was founded as a world of voluntary exile by political dissidents from the First Federation of Suns. Distrustful of powerful governments, they organized themselves along family lines. Over time, these families grew and specialized in various skills, which they used in bartering with other clans for their skills. When re-contacted a generation ago, Sirin was stable and its 80,000 inhabitants bore no animosity toward the Federation, which assisted in integrating them back into interstellar society.

Väki (Riphaeus 2711)
Väki’s atmosphere is tainted with reputedly inert pathogens from a genetically engineered virus created millennia ago by the planet’s original nonhuman inhabitants (now extinct). While Federation scientists believe these pathogens are harmless, it is nevertheless required by law that anyone leaving one of its sealed settlements wear not only a filter mask but also protective clothing to prevent possible contamination. To date, these and related precautions have prevented any infections for more than a century.


  1. I am surprised there is not a world named "Ixnay" in that cluster on the lower right.

    1. I chose both those names from Aztec mythology, but, you're right, Ixnay would be an amusing name for a planet.